Internet Negativity

I don’t know about you, but generally speaking I enjoy reading comments to on-line posts.  Of course, in order to enjoy reading them, I need to ignore the venom that some think qualifies as “contributing” to a conversation.  I get that people don’t always agree, in fact, I enjoy a well constructed opposing argument.  Show me how smart you are!  Make me rethink my own view!!!  This is good, it stretches my mind (and others).

What I don’t get is the poor form of arguments.  Sometimes it’s using insults & put downs, inappropriate fowl language (sometimes a well placed cuss CAN say more), name calling or other form of verbal abuse.  Just as bad is the poor ability to communicate in writing effectively.  I find arguments based on fiction, conclusions derived out of mid air (because the case stated doesn’t lead you to the conclusion), mistaking opinion for fact, confusing desire with truth.

Further, many interpret those praising their comments as endorsement of the validity of his/her argument.  A fan club doesn’t tell you the truth, they are just fans.

I’d love to see a few more folks taking the time to become solid writers before they commit more negativity to the internet.


Your thoughts?

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