App Crap


I love social media.  What I don’t love about it is why everyone who creates an App thinks that they now have the right to my private information.  “I’m sorry, but it’s none of your business who my friends are!”  “No, you can not have unlimited access to my email.”  “Why in the HELL do you need access to my pictures???” (especially with the advance of face recognition).  And although this particular app didn’t ask for it, “You do NOT have permission to post on my behalf!!!”

Maybe I’m a little wackadoodle.  I actually read the permissions being requested of me.  I resent not having a right to pick & choose what an app has access to.  Most of the time, it is all or nothing.

That’s why I haven’t downloaded a single app on my Android.  Apparently, most of the developers of Android apps think it is their right to access all the contacts on my phone etc.  Talk about taking liberties.  I don’t need your app that bad.  Technology is employed to work for me, not the other way around.   The minute it doesn’t serve me, I don’t use it any more.

Take that App!


Your thoughts?

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