Pro or Con – At Least Make it a Good Argument

I do my best to respect that people have different views from me.  I’m even willing to read your view KNOWING that is is different than mine.  All I ask is that you use a legitimate argument.  Don’t treat me like I’m stupid, and make sense for goodness sake!  Emotion isn’t going to cut it!

Remember those English writing classes you didn’t take seriously in High School (never mind College).  Well, it shows!  Use facts that are accurate, and check your facts.  Make sure your conclusion is a direct result of your facts.  (I read a post yesterday where the points were so unrelated, the conclusion looked like it was from a different post.)  Keep in mind, that I’m arguing every point unless your point is inarguable.  Make it a good one and I’ll concur that you’ve made a a good point.  Heck, you might even change my mind about something.

Pro or con, what you write and how you state your case says as much about you as it does your point.  Make it a good argument and do your cause some good.


One thought on “Pro or Con – At Least Make it a Good Argument

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