I’m not Insane anymore, I’m Rockin’

It took my body 4 days to recover from the “fitness test” of Insanity!  I was INSANELY sore!!!  Nothing like a plan that reminds you for days just how out of shape you are.  Practically, I’m not ready for it.  I’m not giving up on it, I’m just postponing it.  It’s one thing to push your body, it’s quite another to cause it injury.  As an old broad just shy of her 50th birthday and a motorcycle accident survivor, I’m keenly aware that your body never really fully recovers from injury.  So, to get me to the level I need to be for Insanity, I moved my YMCA membership to my current location AND I purchased Beach Bodies Rockin Body (same people who make Insanity).  Reportedly, I can have fun dancing and get a killer workout at the same time.  I LOVE dancing (my new deal breaker for relationships).  This should be a good match up for me if the dancing is as fun as they say, I’m willing to give it a go.  Between the two of these (the Y & the DVDs), I ought to get myself to a good place.

I CAN do this.



Your thoughts?

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