Save the Baby Talk for Babies

I’m trying to listen to a webinar, but I’m writing instead.  I’m writing because the woman’s voice on this webinar is painful to listen to.  Her voice is high-pitched.  The tone is saccharin instead of warm.  And the tempo is baby talk instead of adult conversation.


I can’t see her, but I will describe what she looks like by what her voice is telling me:

  • Mid twenties to early thirties
  • Very attractive
  • Smarter than she sounds

Am I stereotyping?  You bet.  I’m SICK of women in business using high pitched baby-talk voices.  I truly believe this is not their natural voice.  Don’t believe me?  Get one of them mad and you’ll hear a powerful woman come out of that baby talk mouth.  That tells me that with a little voice coaching & feedback, these women could become their adult selves full time.

Baby talk is cute when you talk to babies or puppies.  It’s cute on “characters”, pick your era:  Betty Boop, Melanie Griffith, or Bernadette Rostenkowski.  Sometimes it’s even cute behind closed doors.  But, when you use it in business:

  • you sell yourself (and other women) short
  • you are annoying to listen to so I barely hear what you say, IF I’m able to stay for your whole message
  • you make it very hard for me (and others) to take you seriously

I’m not sure where this trend started, but I’d sure like to see it stop.  It’s dangerously close to the Valley Girl of the 80’s (which I’ve noticed a new variation of as well).  I mimicked Valley Girls in the 80’s not because I liked them, but because I was making fun of them.  Hey I was a kid then, you made fun of people.  Now that I’m a sophisticated grown up, I roll my eyes and yawn.  Then I re-enact what I heard in the exact way that I heard it so I can watch my friends laugh their asses off. In other words…I’m making fun of you.


Your thoughts?

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