My First Conspiracy Theorist

Have you ever been in the presence of a conspiracy theorist?  I’ve had a few friends dabble in thinking something here or there in history was a conspiracy versus what was in front of us.  But last night, I met someone who hands down thought he knew what the government was really doing.  He gave me a quick synopsis of what he believed about the Federal Reserve before going into details.  When he stopped, I had one of my moments where my filter wasn’t working and said “oh, like a conspiracy theory?”

“Oh no” he replied, “Definitely not like that.  I’m not going all conspiracy theory on you.”  He then went all conspiracy theory on me.

Unfortunate for him, I’m a bad person to argue with as I’m smart at a lot of things, wiser about more, but I have no interest in government.  After living most of my life in Washington DC, I just don’t care.


3 thoughts on “My First Conspiracy Theorist

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    • Loved your post on “clues your friend is becoming a conspiracy theorist.” My favorite is the “do your research” person. I’ve heard that one before. Glad I didn’t exchange phone number with them. Thanks for linking.

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