Is it Ignorance, Stupidity, or Plain Idiocy?

Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy?  See it.  It was a low promotion (if not “no” promotion) movie.  The acting is not necessarily stellar, but the premise is frightening.  In short, the stupid & ignorant multiply prolifically and the intelligent refrain from multiplying.  The end result is a ridiculously stupid world.  I think the reason that I found it so haunting is that I see real life examples of idiocy all around me.

I spoke to a woman this morning, Becky, who relayed a story that just makes you shake your head.

Becky woke this morning to stray kittens in her yard.  She contacted animal control to tell them there were several stray cats and likely as many as 3 stray kittens in her yard.  In her conversation, she mentioned that one of the kittens was found dead.  The animal control employee stopped the conversation and demanded “What did you do with the dead kitten?”  Becky replied “I wrapped it up and put it in my dumpster.  I didn’t want my kids to see it.”

Within an hour, animal control and police cars had arrived at her home.  I would like to believe it was to pick up all those stray cats & kittens.  Instead, 100% of their focus was on the dead kitten that she’d placed in the dumpster.

Both the police officer and the animal control officer acted horrified at how she’d “inhumanely” treated a dead animal.

Now let’s get one thing straight…I am an animal lover.  Having had my dog 5 years now, I can’t drive by a carcass on the side of the road without feeling a little queazy for the life that no longer exists.  But that’s just it, the life is gone from it.  It’s dead.  If you believe animals have souls, that soul is long gone!

After 30 minutes of “photographing the scene,” this young woman was cited a ticket for “inappropriate animal disposal”.  It’s 100 degrees outside.  I don’t blame her for not wanting her kids to see a dead animal (they have big hearts too), and certainly wouldn’t want them to see what 100 degrees in the sun was going to to do it.  What the hell was she supposed to do with a dead kitten?  Put it in the fridge?

Now here’s my favorite part…wait for it…

You see it’s inhumane to throw out a dead animal in a dumpster (just using their logic here), but because the city “doesn’t have an ordinance about stray cats”, nothing was done to retrieve these “live” animals.  So I guess it is perfectly humane to have them starve in 100 degree heat in a wood pile.

Holy shit, how can people be so wackadoodle? (Sorry, but that’s my new favorite word).  And both officers were quite proud of their work! They’d saved the world from a dead kitten.  They made sure that a really bad person got a ticket.

Here’s the deal, it may be insensitive to throw a dead kitten in the dumpster.  It certainly is politically incorrect.  Granted, it’s not hygienic and there’s probably some issues beyond the fact that it will stink to high heaven in 100 degree heat.  But you can’t justify putting all that energy into ticketing a woman who called you about the problem any way and then doing NOTHING about the stray cats that have no shots (shall be talk about that hygiene?), no flea/tick control (more spread of disease), and ability to continue to reproduce for generations (more disease & even bigger pestilence problem), and of course the irresponsibility of leaving an animal to die a long slow death in 100 degree heat with no food & water.

When are people going to start using their brains again?  This is not the end of this topic…it’s one of my favorite things to bitch about.  Stay tuned for more examples of idiocy and wackadoodlery.



Your thoughts?

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