Thank You for Unfriending Me

I got unfriended today.  Well, I got unfriended recently.  I’m not sure exactly what day it was.  I searched a friend on Facebook so I could see what she was up to and she couldn’t be found.  Wow…not only did she unfriend me, but she blocked me too!

Though the initial shock stung (I’m not one to throw away friends), I’m realizing now that I’m quite grateful.  You see, I’d mistaken her for an adult.  Now that I know she’s really an immature chid, I’m acutely aware of how inappropriate it would be for a woman of 50 to be friends with a pre-teen. Yes, unfriending me was the best thing for her to do.

I’m even more grateful that 2 of the friends I had made while hanging out with her have also unfriended me.  I mistook them for adults too.  Phew…the reputation they saved me from!!!

Admittedly, the shock of it threw me a bit.  It’s a slap in the face no matter how you look a it.  But when I dissect my shock, it’s because I didn’t believe this “friend” was the type to treat me this way.  In retrospect, I realize she is this type.  She’s known for being passive aggressive with other friends, and more than once in the past 12 months, I caught her being passive aggressive with me.  Add to that she bragged to me about how if she no longer wanted to talk to a person, she just ignored their texts & calls “it’s easy” she said.

Thank you for unfriending me, now I have time to find more cool people to hang out with.  BTW…fuck you!



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