Coochie Galore

I ran into a friend of mine while out at bike nite last week.  He’d missed my birthday party for a family get together, so we were catching up on my fun and his family.  Most of us have or will go through this.  His mom is elderly, she’s now in assisted living and the kids need to make decisions over her belongings.  I don’t remotely envy his situation as he has 10 other siblings to deal with.

As many of us do now, we shared our very different stories via photos on our smart phones.  Mine of my party and 50 people having a lot of fun.  He of his 10 siblings & mom going over various collectibles she’d saved over the years.  At one point, he just handed me his phone and instructed me to skim through the pictures myself with him looking over my should and explaining situations & describing family members.  As pictures of a Nebraska farm family slid across my view, I was completely unprepared for the close-up full-on frontal coochie galore.  The iPhone was airborne and I’m sure it’s because I threw it.

It landed safely, but I wish it has systematically started taking pictures of my friend’s shocked face as he grabbed for the phone to clear the picture while trying to apologize and explain the photo of the coochie.

Keep in mind, I was shocked, not offended.  What was really shocking was what he told me about the picture.  It was sent to him by a girl he’d met on an on-line dating site.  He hadn’t been out with her yet.  This pic was part of their “flirting.”  Really?  How about a pic of you in a hot outfit out with your friends for the night instead of coochie galore.  Moreover, this wasn’t the only girl that had sent coochie galore pics.  He had coochie galore pics from dozens of women.  Let’s take it one step further…he’s not the only man to have told me this.

Most of my male friends have many coochie shots in their phones.  Sometimes I wonder if they all have the same women.  I have so many questions around this.  How many women do this?  Do men expect it?  Is this a midwest thing or is this going on all over the country?  Is it international? What do they think of the women who do it?  What do they think of the women who don’t?

One of the things that I know for sure in my life is that I won’t be participating in this.  Why? Because every one of my guy friends has showed me their coochie pics.  I have no intention of letting that happen to me.  So girls, you think they’ve “promised” it’s just for them?  Smarten up, they are sharing those pictures.

I would love to hear about other people’s experiences or thoughts on this.


Your thoughts?

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